Coming Fall 2021

To ensure the safety of our students, as well as our teachers, Heartsong Theatre Arts will not be offering classes in the fall of 2020 or spring of 2021.  We hope to begin our regular after-school and homeschool classes again in the fall of 2021!  If you have a credit from the spring of 2020, which was cut short by Covid-19, you can use it at that time, or at any time in the next three years.

Stay safe and healthy! We will look forward to seeing all our kids again next fall!

At HeARTsong Theatre Arts, we believe in the power of the theatre to open minds, enrich lives, spark imaginations, and build friendship - and we believe that children deserve to experience the magic of theatre, not just as observers, but as participants. 

Please see the links at the top of this page for information on our classes and private lesson opportunities.  We would love for your children to join the adventure!

The Bixby Metro Chamber of Commerce named HeARTsong Creative Center the